Every good idea requires executable strategies.

To exceed users expectations on each product, they must be technically and strategically feasible, and must enter the market in the right way and at the right time. By supporting our partners through research and ideation, market strategy and forecasting, technology planning and costing, Kinspring helps innovative companies and individuals expand their offerings and reach.

Kinspring partners with clients to identify, prioritize, and choose new products and business opportunities. We find these opportunities through deep understand of user behaviors and needs, and market segments. We help clients catch these opportunities through financial planning and modeling.

Once product opportunities are identified, we examine key features and characteristics to ensure they are cost-effective, technically reliable, manufacturing scalable and aligned with business and brand objectives. Then we embrace these opportunities, pricing approaches, and distribution solutions to bring great designs time to market.

Our Business Strategy helps our partners create value by identifying unique opportunities in the market and filling the gap from concept to real products through following products and services.


Project Evaluation

By deep understanding of user behaviors, Kinspring identify business opportunities that will resonate with your end users.

Brand Strategy

We differentiate and boost product and service experiences through brand redesign and shaping.

Product Strategy

We define and propose new products and services of the target market, in align with partner's portfolio, and spread the seeds of each project.

Technology Strategy

We apply our expertise to create solutions that are relevant, implementable, scalable, and cost-effective based on advanced technology beyond the market.

Market Strategy

We develop a plan to bring product and service to market with rich promotional assets and materials, which maximize the competitive advantages of your project.