Cost Optimization

Save material, cost and environment.

Staying cost-competitive in global consumer markets requires constant innovation, and materials and manufacturing process can offer many cost-saving alternatives when you have the knowledge and manufacturing expertise from Kinspring cost engineers and application advice by Kinspring specialists available on your side.

Our turnkey solutions can help you increase yields and processing efficiency, lower energy costs, reduce waste, use less of more expensive raw materials and maximize the value of lower-quality materials.

Save costs by using the correct raw materials or upgrading their quality.


Raw material adjustments

Resin is just one case in point. Using comparable chemical grade and quality alternatives, plastics cost can optimize and upgrade injection efficiencies and high yield rates.

Design optimization

Within the product design stage, our cost engineers will work with design team by reducing the thickness of wall for less material, and improve critical design issues for higher production efficiencies. Similar solutions to improving the design and process are available for consumer goods.

Process optimization

Another example is our concept for the electronic goods, which offers cost reduction potential for chipset. Instead of using expensive chipset from open market, Kinspring engineers are able to develop and create custom wafer to obtain the mass volume chipset at competitively lower cost.