The process that turns cost-competitive, highly efficient and premium-quality products into reality.

All Kinsping subcontractors are strictly audited with a view to ensure that they comply with International Standards for Quality Assurance, ICTI, CTPAT and Quality Control (ISO 9001:2000). This QA/QC policy runs in parallel with our social and ethical standards policy (based on the SA 8000 International Standard). We monitor our suppliers and ensure that they comply with all the relevant National legislations on employment and health & safety.

We monitors environmental and social standards throughout a significant part of the overall supply chain. It focuses on environmental protection and energy conservation, the health and safety of communities in suppliers' plants, social harmony and equality and culture. Kinspring also follow the thinking before printing policy within the office for the purpose of paper waste reduction.


Production Capacity

Kinsprings audited subcontractors who are in compliance with the production facilities (listed as below), are able to secure your customization requirements of any orders. These facilities includes Prototyping Workshops, Mold/Tooling Workshops, Injection Machines, Painting Workshop, Tampo Printing, SMT Machines, Through-Hole Auto-Insertion Machines, Lead-Free Soldering, Vacuum Electro-Plating Chamber, Chemical Testing Laboratory, Acoustic Laboratory, Anechoic chamber, High-Low Temperature Aging Workshops, Final Assembly Lines, Inspection Room, Finished Good Warehouses and etc. Modern facilities and flexible production layout guaranty every order and ensure sufficient capacity.

Quality Control

The effective implementation of the manufacturing systems has boosted customer confidence in our products and services, and has also improved the level of quality management within Kinspring quality control procedure. To better meet customer demand, Kinspring requires to implement the Total Quality Management (TQM) strategy throughout our manufacturing plants. The system of Total Quality Management has been set up, based on ISO9001:2000 standard and TQM principle, with the core part being a variety of advanced management models. Cooperative culture focusing on TQM has come into being. The goal of Kinspring is to produce products with consistent performance and desirable quality at reasonable cost, and to provide our customers and partners with added value.

JIT Strategy

KINSPRING implements Just in time (JIT) production strategy that strives to improve a project return on investment by reducing in-process inventory and associated carrying costs. By focusing on continuous improvement, it improves a manufacturing return on investment, quality, and efficiency for every unique project and maximize the best interest for partners.


KINSPRING follows Delivery Performance by using standard KPI measurement in supply chain systems to measure the fulfillment of a order demand to requested date. Whether these orders are for domestic or global delivery, KINSPRING commitment is to ensure they will be produced rapidly, quality, and on time.

Ordering System

KINSPRING Ordering system (KOS) is a cloud platform developed by core team used to execute and manage the ordering documents and process from any laptop or mobile devices. This option is dedicated for strategic partner who requires complete control and access to their manufacturing orders, archives, delivery reports, and etc.

Payment terms

In order to meet different expectations for each project, an agreement between a KINSPRING and his selected partners that settled and promote the payments will be made for products and services. The aim is help partners can have more resources to focus in their brand growing, marketing penetration, and core value establishment, with a strong supporting of KINSPIRNG supply chain and good terms.