Clean and Crispy


Build a line of digital photo frames for a consumer electronics brand.

To distinguish Polaroid as an innovator in digital image category, KINSPRING's redesign of digital photo frame showcases family-friendly products and shares the company's commitment to consumer electronics.

In 2012, Polaroid tapped KINSPRING to develop a line of digital photo frames that showcases the end user of the best photos in the family space with different sizes of displays.

The product line was launched in less than three months, from concept to full production. A dedicated product design team finished sketches, industrial designs, mechanical process, user interface, display, and electrical engineering.

Polaroid packaging team worked with KINSPRING designers and engineers, as well as project and manufacturing team, to deliver and make continual improvements to the product line. Products were delivered to over 500 stores in Target, the redesign doubled the amount of sales and enjoyed hundred thousands of purchases across the states.